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Frugi Stoff

A guide to Frugi’s fabrics...

We know that it’s not always easy to tell what a garment feels like from a photo…so we’ve put a little guide together to help give you a better idea!

Brushback is 100% organic cotton that has been combed on one side to make it a bit fluffy – think the highest quality sweatshirt material!

Cambric is a lighter woven 100% organic cotton. Perfect for summer dresses and tops.

Cord Our 100% organic cord fabric is deliciously squidgy ;)

Organic Cotton elastane We add 5% elastane to leggings and 8% elastane with 2% polyamide to tights. This small amount of elastane is spun inside the cotton fibre (the elastane doesn’t touch the skin) to improve the stretch and recovery, meaning no baggy knees!

Flannel is a woven organic cotton that has been double brushed back and front making it soft to touch both on the inside and out. Perfect for snuggly pjs!

Interlock This is the fabric that gives Frugi tops and tees their legendary sumptuousness! It is double knitted organic cotton which makes it a heavier weight fabric – it’s thick, stretchy and bouncy!

Knitwear All Frugi knitwear is organic cotton, sometimes we add a bit of elastane to help it keep its shape... but no sheep are involved!!!

Loopback is a heavier weight organic cotton fabric perfect for jogger bottoms, on the reverse side it has loops, making it very breathable for active children.

Peached wash This is when we wash the fabric in a special finish, that smooths the top layer of fibres and makes it feel just like a peach!!!

Ripstop is what we use in our new organic cotton trousers. It is a specially woven construction with extra threads to make it really hard wearing and durable.

Single Jersey is a single knit organic fabric, a little lighter than interlock. It’s perfect for the more delicate garments to achieve pretty gathering and layering styles. We use this a lot in our lightweight tees for high summer.

Snuggle fleece is Frugi’s 100% Organic Cotton fleecy piled fur, a bit like a teddy bear.

Twill is a woven organic cotton fabric that is very durable and has the same construction as denim, making it ideal for adventurous little ones!

Poplin is a lightweight but strong woven organic cotton fabric, perfect for party dress and cool shorts.

A little note about our prints & dyes...
All our prints and dyes adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), meaning no nasty toxic chemicals are used.